Car Windshield Destroyed By An Ice Sheet Flew From Another Car (Video)

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It doesn’t matter about the time or place, situation can change pretty hard anytime at anywhere. How often did you find yourself in some weird situations while you drive on the roads? There are times when most among us often face terrible situations while we’re on drive.

In this video you’ll see such a situation, where this guy Jeffrey Cote was driving down a highway when his car windshield destroyed by an ice sheet which flew from another SUV which was driving in front.

Kid Hit By Car Caught On Dash Cam (Video)

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Usually we’re advised to slow our vehicle when kids are playing around. But no matter how slow you drive your car, still in some place you’ll find kids jumping in front of your car.

These days we know how useful is the dash cam, that records everything when you are on a drive. It even records the accidents your car is into or someone else’ accidents too. Here in this video you’ll see one such dash cam video that shows how a kid was hit by car. But fortunately, since the drive had slowed down his car a bit, he wasn’t hit too hard.

Crazy Reactions Of Dash Cam Owners When Witnessing Accidents (Video)

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If you’re a dash cam owner like these people, then you too would be having some collection of recordings that you see everyday on highways and streets. Dash camera helps you record all the stuffs happening right in front of you while you driving. This could be later used as evidence for a particular accidents.

But what we mostly records is others’ accidents that we usually witnesses. Here we aren’t talking about the accidents recorded on these dash cams, instead here you’ll see crazy reactions of some dash cam owners when they witnesses accidents in front of them.

Most Fascinating Pictures That Has Many Things To Tell You

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Human life is always filled with many things including sad, happy, sorrow, grief, tragedy, pain, love and so on. It is the fact that we always should accept and move on by holding on to your lives. During this journey of our life in this world, we encounter many things that fascinates our mind.

Here are things about people around the world, that makes us really fascinating. Checkout these most fascinating pictures that would tell you some stories about these people’s life.

Most Fascinating Pictures001

Hilarious Microwave Fails That Everyone Has Encountered

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For many of us, microwaves are the only machine on earth that could save us from hunger. And we are all well attached with this machine. But there are people who wrongly handles the machine and end up really bad. Often we make such mistakes unknowingly, that could give us a messed up day.

You might have encountered some of these hilarious microwave fails. Rather than just fails, these moments might give many of us a real headache. It is really important to pay attention to the machine, before it burst out all your foods and making your kitchen a real mess.

Hilarious Microwave Fails0001

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