Awesome Fun Day In Roller Coaster Tycoon Park Made Through VFX (Video)

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If there is a one wish in your life that you always wants to complete, then what will be it? Make your day in a roller coaster tycoon park? It’ll be really amazing to visit a Roller Coaster Tycoon park and do some awesome adventurous rides and fun things.

Here is an imaginary video showing, how it’ll like to visit such adventurous park. The video is made with amazing visual effects that turned an ordinary amusement park into a real adventurous land.

Awesome Disney Villains Artworks That Would Look In Real-Life

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Since being a fan of Disney cartoons and the characters within it, most of us love see every unique things that are made based on those characters. How well do you know about the villain characters in Disney cartoons?

Have you ever seen any artworks of those characters? Then here are some Disney villains artworks by Jirka Väätäinen, a Finnish artist. He illustrated these artworks based on his imagination in honor of Halloween and included the villains from many classic Disney Films.

Ursula: The Little Mermaid

Real-Life Disney Villains001

These Famous Movies Without Special Effects Will Surprise You

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Movies that you usually see are not actually shot like the one you see on the screen. Especially the action scenes. If you ever came to watch behind the scenes of any famous movies, then you know what I am really talking about.

Below images will show you some among the famous movies without special effects. This will give you a clear understanding about how the scenes have made so memorable using special effects.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Movie Scenes without special effects002 Movie Scenes without special effects001

Crazy Evolution Of The Joker Showing His Different Faces For Past 75 Years Since 1940

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Ever became fan of the never ending batman comics? Then you might be familiar with the greatest batman villain, the joker?

But back in 1940, it wasn’t the same joker that we see today. The face changes over the time period of 75 long years and now we see the face of the joker that has been evolved.

Below are many pictures were you will get to see the evolution of the joker with different faces starting from the year 1940 till 2016.

1940 – Bob Kane/Jerry Robinson – “Batman” #1

evolution of the joker001

This Angry Birds Movie Trailer will show you why the birds were so angry (video)

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Ever hoped to watch an Angry Birds movie while playing the game? Then your prayers have got answered. Columbia Pictures recently thrown out a wonderful trailer of the Angry Bird movie and the storyline will reveal why the birds were so angry all the time.

The movie being directed by Clan Kaytis will be coming out in 3D and the initial release date is kept for May 20, 2016 on USA. Check out the trailer of this amazing upcoming 2016’s 3D animation film based on the best video game ‘Angry Birds’.

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