Most Fascinating Architectures In The World That You Must Be Seeing

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If you ever gone for a world tour, then you might have seen many incredible architectures. There are indeed many architectures in the world, that are wonderful and amazing and will definitely blow your minds. Most of which aren’t visited by all of us and we compensate that by seeing at least their pictures.

If you’re really interested in seeing such pictures, then here are the most fascinating architectures in the world that will surely please your mind.

Atomium – Brussels

Most Fascinating Architectures001

These Before And After Home Renovation Pictures Will Surely Surprise You

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It is quite common to remodel homes that are too old. But when coming to home renovation, every owners used to put their money to build the best home they can. This makes the house even more outstanding when compared to the old design.

If you are short on home renovation ideas, then these pictures below will show you, how people out there remodel their homes with excellent ideas on their mind. See these before and after home renovation pictures, that will give you a clear idea.

Home Renovation002 Home Renovation001

Amazing Dubai Then And Now Pictures Showing How It Was Like 60 Years Before

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Currently Dubai is one among the most visited place on earth. As the city is growing faster than any other cities in the world, the city was completely different from its current looks, 60 years back.

If you ever loved to visit Dubai, then you might have checked out various amazing pictures of it. But have you ever thought, how it may have looked like 60 years back? Then here are some rare images shot 60 years ago, which will show you amazing Dubai then and now pictures.

Dubai Then and Now Pictures002 Dubai Then and Now Pictures001

You May Never Have Seen This 60,000 Square Feet Island Mansion Inspired By The Great Gatsby

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Have you ever seen the movie, The Great Gatsby? Then you may be familiar with these pictures of stone mansion. This is yet another Great Gatsby inspired stone mansion which is 87 years old and is 60,000 square feet.

This long island mansion has 13 bedrooms, 2 guest houses and with a total of 25 bathrooms. This great looking estate is located about 25 miles from New York and has a market value tagged at $100 million.

Various pictures of this Great Gatsby-inspired long mansion captured from various angles are shown below.

Long Island Mansion 01

An Impressive Bridge And Tunnel Combination That Is An Engineering Masterpiece (13 photos)

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The Øresund is a cable-stayed bridge that runs nearly 5 miles (8 km) to an artificial island where it transitions into a tunnel that runs another 2.5 miles (4 km). An impressive bridge and tunnel combination that is an engineering masterpiece, It was designed by Danish engineering firm COWI and connects the Danish capital of Copenhagen to the Swedish city of Malmö. An Impressive Bridge And Tunnel Combination That Is An Engineering Masterpiece 12

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