Color Changing Cake With Amazing Icing Technology (Video)

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Since it’s already new year, our stomachs are filled with cakes and drinks. We’ve also seen variety of cakes, many of them are in unique designs. But have you ever seen any color changing cake like this before? It might be probably your first time seeing such an unique piece of art within the cake.

We all know many arts and pictures that changes its color when the light hits it at different angles. But what if this phenomenon is applied into cake but still makes it edible? Here is a video that shows you this amazing icing technology that will surely mesmerize you.

Awesomely Defaced Bills That Are Turned Into Amazing Pieces Of Arts

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If you’re passionate about arts, then you’re probably gonna turn everything in front of you into canvas for your arts. Also you might be having some amazing pieces of arts painted on your walls inside your house. But there are many guys out there, who when ran out of canvas had even turned the dollar bill into canvas for their arts.

Here are such awesomely defaced bills that you never expect to come. But these guys are so awesomely cool that, they turned those dollar bill into an excellent pieces of arts. If you’re an art lover like me, then you’re surely gonna love them.

Awesomely Defaced Bills001

Forging Of Katniss’ Bow From The Movie Hunger Game: Catching Fire (Video)

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Meet the team ‘AWE me’, who are really great in forging out incredible pieces of weaponry. These big brothers are putting a show in building some of your favorite weapons that you’ve never seen before. In this particular video you will see forging of Katniss’ bow from the popular movie, ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’.

Watch how perfectly this team builds the bow that exactly resembles the same bow that Katniss used in the movie. The team are using 19 pounds of 6061-T6 aluminum for the center section, because of its good machinability and weldability along with 4140 steel for bow arms. And after a pretty neat and perfect forging, they finally made out a wonderful bow.

Awesome Disney Villains Artworks That Would Look In Real-Life

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Since being a fan of Disney cartoons and the characters within it, most of us love see every unique things that are made based on those characters. How well do you know about the villain characters in Disney cartoons?

Have you ever seen any artworks of those characters? Then here are some Disney villains artworks by Jirka Väätäinen, a Finnish artist. He illustrated these artworks based on his imagination in honor of Halloween and included the villains from many classic Disney Films.

Ursula: The Little Mermaid

Real-Life Disney Villains001

These Amazing Tea Bag Artworks From Ruby Silvious Are Really Awesome

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Today artists are so good at creating unique kind of arts that can blow off our minds. They have really admirable talents to tun trash to treasure. They make beautiful things out of the objects that we throw as wastes.

Here is one such amazing artist named Ruby Silvious, a visual artist as well as a graphic designer, who crafted these amazing tea bag artworks. Her intricate illustrations had turned the tea bags into some amazing piece of arts.

Tea bag artworks001

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