Car Windshield Destroyed By An Ice Sheet Flew From Another Car (Video)

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It doesn’t matter about the time or place, situation can change pretty hard anytime at anywhere. How often did you find yourself in some weird situations while you drive on the roads? There are times when most among us often face terrible situations while we’re on drive.

In this video you’ll see such a situation, where this guy Jeffrey Cote was driving down a highway when his car windshield destroyed by an ice sheet which flew from another SUV which was driving in front.

Dash Cam Compilation Video For Christmas

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If you’re a person who often get your hands behind wheel, then you know how irritating some moments can get. Some people just don’t care about anyone and most probably will be a bigger headaches for many. Here is video of dash cam compilation that shows you what we’re talking about.

Since it’s the season of Christmas, Dash Cam Owners Australia is with this interesting video compilation for you. Watch this video and drive safe.

Kid Hit By Car Caught On Dash Cam (Video)

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Usually we’re advised to slow our vehicle when kids are playing around. But no matter how slow you drive your car, still in some place you’ll find kids jumping in front of your car.

These days we know how useful is the dash cam, that records everything when you are on a drive. It even records the accidents your car is into or someone else’ accidents too. Here in this video you’ll see one such dash cam video that shows how a kid was hit by car. But fortunately, since the drive had slowed down his car a bit, he wasn’t hit too hard.

Misfuelling In Car Explained: What Happens When Putting Petrol Into Diesel Car (Video)

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Usually we all do this mistake of misfuelling the car. Misfuelling is termed as filling the fuel tank of the vehicle with wrong fuel, which is either putting petrol fuel accidentally into the diesel engine or vice versa.

Here this video from fifth gear, Jon Bentley clearly demonstrates the misfuelling in car and explains in detail about the aftermath of it. If you ever had a doubt about this problem that causes to hundreds or even thousands of people each day, then have a look and you’ll get a clear info regarding it.

Ice-Wheeled Lexus NX: The Perfect SUV For This Winter (Video)

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We’ve heard a lot of strange designs when we comes to auto and bikes. Car made out from stone, car from paper, etc. Now it is time for making it a real challenge. Meet the new SUV from Lexus. Unlike what we said earlier, the car isn’t really made from plastic, stone or anything unusual. Only the wheel which is made with pure ice.

Watch this amazing video of the ice-wheeled Lexus NX. You may think, it is just a promotional video and the wheel being only a model, but rather than just a model, it could actually run the car without any issues.

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