Crazy Motorcyclist Grabbing Girl’s Foot That Was Stuck Out From Car (Video)

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If you have a habit of sticking your legs out of the car while traveling, then you be careful, because there are some crazy motorcyclists who’re gonna grab your foot. Here is a similar incident occurred when a motorcyclist was passing through freeway.

The girl who was sticking her foots outside the car was grabbed by this crazy motorcyclist. As soon as she sensed someone grabbing her foot, she retreated them back with a shock. She’d had at least a second of feeling that some alien must be grabbing her until she sees the biker outside. Watch this hilarious video to see how the action was performed.

Dashcam Video Showing Motorcycle Crash On San Diego Highway

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It is really sad to see how poor motorcyclists gets wiped out each days on highways. But I’m not talking about those who deserves to be crashed, instead the poor guys who gets crashed not because of their faults.

Here in this dashcam video, you could see a motorcycle crash which was happened 2 days ago on San Diego highway. The rider was not too fast nor slow, but the reason for the crash was not the speed, it was the rear tyre which got locked and skidded due to the braking and the rider lost the control of the bike. But hopefully he wasn’t seriously injured and walked away to the side of the road, right after the crash.

Epic Motorcycle Collection From Barber Museum Will Amaze Every Motorcycle Enthusiastic Out There

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If you are a real motorcycle enthusiastic, then you might be knowing about Barber Motorsports Museum. Did you ever felt great pleasure in seeing vintage collections of motorcycles? Then, you might be knowing how it feels like to have such collections. This epic motorcycle collections is also based on similar enthusiasm by a great man.

Meet George Barber, who is the man behind this awesome museum. He was a real racer in 1960’s and won 63 first place titles. Later in 1980’s, it was his motorsports passion, that made him do this epic collections.

Epic Motocycle Collection0001

Custom Made Motorcycles For Every Bike Enthusiastic Out There

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If you are really a bike enthusiastic, then they might be loving to search for bikes that gives pleasure to your mind. Nowadays people love to customize their bikes instead of keeping the stock version that the manufacturer provided.

Custom made motorcycles has its on benefits and who doesn’t love to customize their bikes? Here are bikes that are customized at its best, which will give pleasure while going through.

Custom Made Motorcycles001

How This Unmanned Racing Bike Move Around Will Make You Jaw-Dropped

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As technology improves, we see lot of unmanned vehicles, where the vehicle moves by itself without a driver. However these features had limited to aircraft, cars etc, and moving them around without any drivers don’t panic us. But how about unmanned racing bike?

Yes it is real, the below video shows how a racing bike moves itself around the field without any racer on top. What is the truth behind it, which is yet to be discovered. But as of now, the video had gone viral all over the internet.

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