Baby Trying Bacon For The First Time And Giving Out The Best Reaction (Video)

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Babies trying anything would turn out adorable and funny. If you have a baby in your house, then you’d know how he/she creates situations for you to laugh with joy. It is really adorable and funny to watch babies trying foods for the first time. You may have seen many videos of them trying lemons and giving out humorous reactions.

In this video you’ll be watching a baby trying bacon for the first time in his life and watch how adorable it is when he give out wonderful reaction. The video has gone viral instantly on every social websites.

Coolest Kid Inventors And Their Amazing Inventions

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World might be still a place as the first man on earth saw back in past, if there were no inventions. Everything we see today, we enjoy are results of someone’s inventions. We know many famous inventors like Charles Babbage, Thomas Edison and various others who had a great role in our technological developments.

The above mentioned inventors where scientists and had years of experience and knowledge before they invented something. But here we are going to talk about the kid inventors who’ve invented various things at their younger age where they got few to no experience at all. It might be either coincidence or their extra ordinary skills, that let them invent these amazing inventions.

Kid Inventors001

Video Showing Baby Howling With The Pet Dogs Which Looks So cute

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Do you know or own any howling pet dogs? If you do, then better keep your baby away from them, because your baby might imitate and starts a habit of howling from his young age itself.

Here is an adorable video showing a baby howling with pet dogs. Here the big daddy has got two labs, where they both often do howl competition, to see who can howl the loudest. But here the baby too joins them and howls as best as he could.

Amazing Baby To Teenager Transformation In A Time Lapse Video

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Who don’t love to take pictures of their children, especially in this modern era? Most of us even store our child’s photo for years to relive the old moments. But here you will see how this Dutch artist, Frans Hofmeester has made a amazing time lapse video showing his now teenage daughter’s baby to teenager transformation.

This beautiful video is just 4.5 minutes long, where he added portraits of his daughter that he had shot with a gap of one week, from the day she was born. How of us had this kind of awesome idea to make our child’s time lapse video?

Adorable Video Showing Cute Baby With Puppies Playing Together (Video)

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How adorable will it be to see baby playing with puppies? If you have both baby and a puppy in your home, then you are lucky enough to see this adorable play all day long.

Here is a similar video showing a cute baby with puppies, playing together. It is so adorable to see how the baby love to get smothered by the two puppies.

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