How To Buffet (Video)

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Korean Girls Try American BBQ For The First Time (Video)

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You’ll Surely Laugh To These Funny Limericks That Clever People Have Made

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Limericks are itself hilarious and admit it that the people who make those things are really clever. Have you ever made any limerick in your life? How cool are you in making such things?

If you ever love reading such hilarious stuffs, then you’ll definitely love these funny limericks from these clever people. Read them open mindedly and make later use of it.

Funny Poems001

This Is How Dark Vader Santa Gives A Nightmare To Children (Video)

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Yeah, just three more days to go for this year’s most awaited Christmas. This month most probably the bed time stories for kids at every houses might be related to Santa Claus and Christmas. Kids eagerly awaits the arrival of Santa Claus with gifts for them. But their is dark side of everything, this Christmas might be the time where you see Dark Vader around you, dressed up as Santa.

Here’s an amazing entertainment video from Corridor Digital, that shows how Dark Vader Santa could ever look like, and if he is gonna come for real, then this video show what all things he’ll be doing to give nightmares for the kids.

Woman Snatching Black Friday Deal From A Mother And Her Kid (Video)

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If you know about thanksgiving and the day after it, then you know how crazy people could go to get the deals on that day. People can almost go insane when they come to purchase a limited quantity product sold in Black Friday.

This is the same thing happened in one of the mall, where a product was on for deal but with limited quantity. Here too people were rushing to get those, carrying as much as they could on their hands. But one lady caught on camera snatching the product from a mother and her child.

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