Roman Candle Minigun That will definitely blow your minds off (video)

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Ever loved having fun with roman candle? But most people out there find them boring. But you’re probably gonna love it, if you make good use of it like the guy doing in this video.

Here is a video by Aspahn2009, where he built and firing a giant Roman candle minigun. Watch this video that will surely blow your minds off.

Ultimate Gaming PC Build That Could Hold 7 Gamers, 1 CPU (Video)

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If you’re looking for a gaming PC build, then you won’t find any PC near to what Linus had built. Here is the video showing the making of $30,000 computer. You won’t even have dreamed about playing games in such a computer, did you?

Apart from the high cost, the internal specs of this assembled machine has a lot to offer. Any gamer would get easily fall in love with this massive machine. Moreover the gaming PC could deliver 7 gamers playing at the same time under one CPU. Watch this ultimate gaming PC build to know more about this computer, that will surely blow off your minds.

Nerd Building RC Airplane From Heater Parts (Video)

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How often do you see nerds around you? Usually these guys are really capable of building things that normal guys couldn’t even think about. They could build just anything from scraps of other machines or things. Meet Sam Sheperd, who is one among such guys.

Here in this video you’ll see him building RC airplane from parts that he got from his electric wall heater when it broke down. Even though, it isn’t easy enough to try out such things as just saying, the video shows the complete effort that he took in building this RC airplane.

Color Changing Cake With Amazing Icing Technology (Video)

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Since it’s already new year, our stomachs are filled with cakes and drinks. We’ve also seen variety of cakes, many of them are in unique designs. But have you ever seen any color changing cake like this before? It might be probably your first time seeing such an unique piece of art within the cake.

We all know many arts and pictures that changes its color when the light hits it at different angles. But what if this phenomenon is applied into cake but still makes it edible? Here is a video that shows you this amazing icing technology that will surely mesmerize you.

Awesomely Defaced Bills That Are Turned Into Amazing Pieces Of Arts

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If you’re passionate about arts, then you’re probably gonna turn everything in front of you into canvas for your arts. Also you might be having some amazing pieces of arts painted on your walls inside your house. But there are many guys out there, who when ran out of canvas had even turned the dollar bill into canvas for their arts.

Here are such awesomely defaced bills that you never expect to come. But these guys are so awesomely cool that, they turned those dollar bill into an excellent pieces of arts. If you’re an art lover like me, then you’re surely gonna love them.

Awesomely Defaced Bills001

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