Most Fascinating Architectures In The World That You Must Be Seeing

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If you ever gone for a world tour, then you might have seen many incredible architectures. There are indeed many architectures in the world, that are wonderful and amazing and will definitely blow your minds. Most of which aren’t visited by all of us and we compensate that by seeing at least their pictures.

If you’re really interested in seeing such pictures, then here are the most fascinating architectures in the world that will surely please your mind.

Atomium – Brussels

Most Fascinating Architectures001

Ultimate Gaming PC Build That Could Hold 7 Gamers, 1 CPU (Video)

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If you’re looking for a gaming PC build, then you won’t find any PC near to what Linus had built. Here is the video showing the making of $30,000 computer. You won’t even have dreamed about playing games in such a computer, did you?

Apart from the high cost, the internal specs of this assembled machine has a lot to offer. Any gamer would get easily fall in love with this massive machine. Moreover the gaming PC could deliver 7 gamers playing at the same time under one CPU. Watch this ultimate gaming PC build to know more about this computer, that will surely blow off your minds.

Worst Celebrity Wax Statues That You’ll Ever See

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Don’t you like taking photos with wax statues of your favorite celebrities? Have you ever done the same? Then you would know how those statues looks like, it will look exactly as if those celebrities are in front of us for real, won’t it? But what if they fail in making those statues as good as what you used to see?

Here are some pictures that will show you how the worst celebrity wax statues are gonna look like. You’ll never get to see any wax statues more worse than these.

Oprah Winfrey

Celebrity Wax Statues001

Fastest Bridge Retrofit Video From Beijing Where Construction Completed In 43 Hours

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In many places bride retrofitting is a usual scene. Here in this video we can see how fast the process was carried out, that too in China. When we always talk about China as copy cat, we don’t usually talk about their technological advances. Here this video explains the same to us.

The retrofit video shows us one of the fastest bridge retrofit which was carried out in the construction of Sanyuan bridge in Beijing, China. The whole process was completed in just 43 hours. The complete construction period was compiled into one time lapse video, which is given below.

Coolest Tattoo Designs That Even Haters Will Love To Have

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Most people are addicted in tattooing their bodies. Even though they know the consequences behind it, people still does that. There are also many other people who hates tattooing, saying that, it will not only destroy your beauty but also will destroy your body.

Let the tattooing be good or bad, either way these are the coolest tattoo designs, that you’ll ever have seen in your life. Every tattoo lovers will love to have their body punched with these tattoo artists, whereas every haters will also praise these artists for their amazing skills.

Coolest Tattoo Designs001

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