Shocking Truths About Humanity That You Should Be Dealing With So Seriously

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We are humans who’re supposed to be living on earth like every other animals do. But as we are humans and have special thinking power, there’s no problem in becoming slightly civilized. But the most important thing is to live peacefully and let other live peacefully too. But instead of that, majority of humans are making real problems on earth.

Below are some shocking truths about humanity that you shouldn’t be ignoring. Take them seriously and we need to change before we completely destroy the peace and letting the earth to be destroyed too.

Truths About Humanity017

World’s Grossest Bugs That You Unknowingly Eat Everyday

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Ever seen videos of Thais eating different kinds of bugs? They love to eat them and it is their favorite snacks. Many of them even love snacking on wood worms, crickets and grasshoppers. You might feel disgusting, but they eat those stuffs as if you’re eating french fries.

However don’t just get disgusted with what Thais eat, you should first look on to what you’ve been eating all these days and its time for you to feel disgusted in yourselves. How many of us knew that even many of our food contains world’s grossest bugs? Here these images will show you what you have been eating until now.

World’s Grossest Bugs001

Amazing Mongolian Landscape Photos Revealing The Climate Impact On Desertification

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Daesung Lee is the one who made this powerful photographs that reveals the real impact of climate on Mongolia. The snapshots that Lee captured shows a clear contrast of modern landscape with its historical.

The most interesting part here is, the beautiful billboards with the past landscapes are combined with actual people with their lifestock to match the billboard. Below are some amazing Mongolian landscape photos that shows how climate change had affected the beautiful landscapes. These snapshots will explain how the Mongolian people are threatened by this fearful environmental changes.

Amazing Mongolian Landscapes001

These Amazing Aerial Photographs Of Egypt Will Show You How It Looks Like From Above

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Who doesn’t love to visit a country like Egypt? Everyone hoping for a world tour has Egypt on top of their bucket list. If a question arises to those who already visited Egypt, that how were they attracted to Egypt, then most probably the answer will be the photographs of Egypt that they got to see from internet. Of course they are so beautiful and anyone seeing it will be attracted.

But how about seeing Egypt in another perspective? Have you ever seen Aerial photographs of Egypt? If you haven’t, then the below pictures will show you how it looks like. It is absolutely gorgeous and you might be looking at Egypt in a different way than you used to do before.

Aerial Photographs Of Egypt014

you will be amazed to see this world largest cemetery holding over 5 million bodies

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Ohlsdorf cemetery in the city of Hamburg, Germany is the world largest cemetery. Then comes the wadi-us-salaam in Najaf, Iraq as the second largest cemetery in the world. Wadi-us-salaam covers over 1400 acres of land and the cemetery holds over 5 million bodies till now.

Since the cemetery is located in the Shia holy city, it also attracts millions of pilgrims each year. Below are few images of this world largest cemetery, you may check them out and be amazed about how large the cemetery is.

world's largest cemetery003

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