Worst Celebrity Wax Statues That You’ll Ever See

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Don’t you like taking photos with wax statues of your favorite celebrities? Have you ever done the same? Then you would know how those statues looks like, it will look exactly as if those celebrities are in front of us for real, won’t it? But what if they fail in making those statues as good as what you used to see?

Here are some pictures that will show you how the worst celebrity wax statues are gonna look like. You’ll never get to see any wax statues more worse than these.

Oprah Winfrey

Celebrity Wax Statues001

Hilarious Selfie Stick Moments That Will Surely Make You Laugh

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Wrong use of anything could turn either into a hilarious fail or becomes completely weird. We have been introduced with selfie stick in very recent years and if you visit any famous landmarks, you’d see more number of selfie sticks roaming around than the number of people.

We’ve also seen many situations where a selfie stick lead an important role in its happens. From fights to saving lives, we’ve seen how selfie sticks played their role. Here we’re gonna talk about some hilarious selfie stick moments that everyone must be looking into. In one way or other, you might surely have gone through such situations.

Selfie Stick Moments058

Most Unlucky people on earth who slipped from becoming millionaires

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Fate plays an important role in making us poor or rich. Not only for money, but for everything that are happening in our life, fate has a vital role in it. Be see many people turning rich from nothing, at the same time we also see rich people turning poor by losing all their money.

Here in this post, you’ll meet some most Unlucky people on earth, who weren’t fortunate enough to become billionaires or at least millionaires. It was their fate that made them slip slightly from getting very rich.

Most Unlucky People001

Car Windshield Destroyed By An Ice Sheet Flew From Another Car (Video)

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It doesn’t matter about the time or place, situation can change pretty hard anytime at anywhere. How often did you find yourself in some weird situations while you drive on the roads? There are times when most among us often face terrible situations while we’re on drive.

In this video you’ll see such a situation, where this guy Jeffrey Cote was driving down a highway when his car windshield destroyed by an ice sheet which flew from another SUV which was driving in front.

Hilarious Russian Life Hacks For Hiding Their License Plates

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Usually life hacks are useful for making things easy in life and we even follow such tips and tricks for the betterment of our life. But when we talk about Russians they’ve some serious things going on.

Here are some hilarious Russian Life Hacks that you’ll laugh on. You never know how funny these Russian guys are, until you find out their way of hiding their license plates.

Russian Life Hacks001

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