Miss Universe Mistake: Steve Harvey Wrongly Declared The Winner (Video)

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Mistakes happen from everybody, it is just human thing. But what Steve Harvey recently did was an universal mistake that the whole world is currently talking about. It was a day before when Steve Harvey was called as host to declare the winner of Miss Universe 2015.

But unfortunately, he wrongly declared the first runner up as the winner and crowned the miss Colombia. However as soon as he realized the mistake he had done, he climbed the stage again to make an apology and re-declared miss Philippines as the winner of the contest. Here is that video of Miss Universe mistake that already went viral.

Incredible Face Transformation Of These Women With Makeups

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You never know women, not only they are addicted with makeups, but also they could transform their ugly face into that of a princess with the help of makeups. Ladies that you usually gets attracted to are, might not be the one when they remove their makeups.

Here are some incredible face transformation that turned ugly faces of these women into that of beauty queens’. Since no girls wish to stay themselves as ugly, they roam around with makeups on their faces, though its never part of their body.

Incredible Face Transformation001

Video Showing Worst Half-Court Shot By A Woman

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Which is your favorite game that you love the most? There are plenty of sports on earth and different people love different sports. But one among the most interesting sport that everybody at least love to try is the Basketball. When was the last time you were font of this game? Did you ever seen any Basketball match for live?

As you all know, Basketball being bit hard, beginners could mess things up. This is what we could see in this video. A girl trying to make a half court shot and end up miserably. Watch this video which shows the worst half-court shot ever.

Shocking Makeup Transformations That Will Make Every Girls Fall For

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Most girls out there are worried only about one thing, it ain’t money, rather its there beauty. Makeups do add beauty to our faces, it is a known fact. Every girls experiment themselves with new makeups once in a while. And even many studies reveals that, girls spend most their money on their makeups.

Everyone knows that facial makeup do adds beauty, but how much difference can it make from your real face? Well, these amazing makeup transformations will clearly explain that to you, be ready to be shocked.

Makeup Transformations003 Makeup Transformations004

This Frightening Video Shows Black Bear Attacking Kayak Of A Lonely Lady In Alaskan Wilderness(Video)

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Everyone knows how it is to be lonely in the Alaskan wilderness. Below is a frightening video, where it shows a black bear attacking kayak of a lonely lady.

The video was shot 5 minutes after the bear attack began. She came out from her cabin as she heard some noise and what she was so frightening, a bear is gnawing on her kayak. Even after the video ends there was still a 5-10 minutes of attack from the bear.

Anyway she hold herself together without freezing up or running for her life and she resisted the bear attack as she could possibly do. Watch the video to see how this story looks live.

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