Chopping Machine Commercial Parody For TV Shop (Video)

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We see plenty of TV shop commercial videos that gives us nothing but headaches. Nobody will ever love to watch such TV shop commercials. As a result there have been a lot of commercial parodies coming out. Here in this video we’ll see one such parody.

In this video right here, a girl is making a commercial parody of a chopping machine that is actually a contraption. Other than two attached knifes that cuts whatever comes in front, there is nothing mush interesting about this machine. But the parody video that this girl made is really funny and worth watching.

You’ll Surely Laugh To These Funny Limericks That Clever People Have Made

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Limericks are itself hilarious and admit it that the people who make those things are really clever. Have you ever made any limerick in your life? How cool are you in making such things?

If you ever love reading such hilarious stuffs, then you’ll definitely love these funny limericks from these clever people. Read them open mindedly and make later use of it.

Funny Poems001

Miss Universe Parody With Curb Your Enthusiasm (Video)

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The online world haven’t even finished the hangover of miss universe mistake of 2015. The whole world had seen what happened in the stage and how Steve Harvey had made mistake in announcing the wrong contestant. The world is still debating on the same issue regarding whose mistake it might be.

Let the discussion go around a corner and we are here to see an amazing video that shows Miss Universe parody with curb your enthusiasm’s ending. The video is made by humorous by Jake Rasmussen, where he added little bit of music to match the video into ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ ending.

Amazing Short Film Showing If People Were Apps (Video)

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Today we all are connected with the world through technology. In them we mostly depend on various apps. We are so connected with apps, such that even our life events depends on them. Nevertheless to say, most of these apps are in our smartphone.

Here is an amazing short film that beautifully shows the truth about these apps, by showing it in another perspective. The theme behind this short film is to understand how we interact with people through online. This is made by making the real-people as the representative of various apps.

Funny Women Memes That Will Help You Understand The Women’s Logic

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How well do you understand women around you? If you ever tried to understand women, then you know, it is pretty hard to understand them. They are really unpredictable.

Have you ever dealt with a woman? If then, you might probably failed in handling her smoothly. When arguments comes, don’t even bother to win over her, it will end up bad.

If you were facing any such difficulties with women, then you should be knowing some of these women’s logic before dealing with a lady next time. These funny women memes will surely help you understand those women’s logic.

funny women memes0001

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