Deadpool vs Boba Fett In Epic Rap Battles Of History

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For those who doesn’t know about epic rap battles of history, here is a small info about it. The rap battle is a YouTube series created by Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist. The main aim of this is to pit different historical or cultural figures against one another in the form of rap battle.

Now the latest trending video in their YouTube channel named ‘ERB’, is the rap battle of Deadpool vs Boba Fett. This is a nice rap battle that will entertain you for sure. If you’ve ever been fans to any of these two figures, then you surely must be watching this video.

Weird Allergies That People Get With Different Daily-Life Things

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There are lots of things in world that are beneficial for the human kind. At the same time there are also things that harms us. We know many things that are poisonous and if we consume them, it may lead even to our death. Like wise, there are things that can could cause allergies to humans.

But here we’re talking about weird allergies that people are allergic to various day-to-day life things. For example, some people are allergic to powders, no matter how good the powder is, still they might get suffocated even if they get to smell its small fragrance. Similarly here are some things that we use daily, which are allergic to different people due to their specific diseases.

Weird Allergies001

Famous Movie Monsters And The Guys Behind Its Mask

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There are various Hollywood movies where monsters do have main roles. In such movies we remember those masked monsters more than the hero of the same movie. But we never knew, who played such monsters in that particular movies, as they don’t get revealed in the movie.

If you’re very eager to know who those guys were, then you need to see some of these behind the scene photos. Thanks to the internet for these rare good photos, as we can now see the guys who played the famous movie monsters.

Roberto Campanella as Pyramid Head in Silent Hill Revelation

Famous Movie Monsters001

2015’s Most Popular Google Searches (Video)

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Google recently uploaded a video on YouTube that as a Google user we all must be watching. Since we don’t spent a day without Google and being the biggest and most popular search engine in the world, Google will be asked with tones of questions each day by millions of people from around the world.

Today this video is all about the most popular Google searches in 2015. It includes top list of searches that people asked Google to search for. Watch the video to find out, if you had asked any popular question in the year 2015.

People Are Crazy With These Evil Doings

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In life we get to meet different kinds of people. Some might be good, some crazy and some are even evil doers. We all must be careful when dealing with the last mentioned category of people. These evil doers are not really evil doers in the sense of harming people’s lives, but they’re indeed crazy people to do these evil things.

You’ll understand why these people are crazy, when you get to see their evil doings from the pictures below. If you ever want to be a good person, then you should not be acting weird like these people who’ve no other hobby than to irritate others.

People Are Crazy0001

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