Seeing These Dangerous Selfies Ever Taken Will Surely Scare You To Death

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How well you know about selfie addiction? If you have got a mobile phone with pretty impressive front-facing camera, no need to say, half of your device memory might have been flooded with your own selfies.

Taking selfies have made so much addiction to people such that, they take selfies on every unique moment that they face in their life. No matter how dangerous the situation is, still they try to capture it for future references.

It is very sad to say that these kind of extreme behavior have also made lose many lifes around the world. Below you will see some of the dangerous selfies ever taken in the world.

dangerous selfies ever taken001

These Trash Jewelry Of Ethiopian Tribes Will Show How They Turns Out Garbage Into Beautiful Headwears

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You might have heard about the famous saying ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. This idea has been practically applied by these Ethiopian tribes. These Ethiopian tribes uses trash and garbage items including old broken watches, different colored bottle caps and other old useless belongings that people leave behind and they make beautiful headwears out from them.

Though the headwears are made from trashes, it doesn’t looks so bad, instead it do maintains all the fashion that their culture follows. From the below images you will be able to see the trash jewelry of Ethiopian tribes and you will also find how they made amazing headwears.

Trash Jewelry Of Ethiopian Tribes001

You Need To See These Useful Information Shown In Random Graphs About The Things Across The World

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These random graphs shown below will give you some useful information regarding the stuffs going on the earth. You will be finding these information useful in some part of your life. Better have a look on it now itself.

Although many useful information in the form of random graphs are given, they are completely unrelated to each other. So you could learn information regarding stuffs in a wide range. Have a deep look on them from the below pictures.

useful information001

You Will Reach Higher Perspective With These Philosophical Thoughts

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Ever tried to explore your thoughts so that it helps you reach higher perspective in your life at any point? Here are some philosophical thoughts that can help you reach higher perspective.

These thoughts are clearly expressed in the below images from a blog named Higher Perspective, have a look at them and explore the thoughtful messages given in it.

higher perspective001

Living In These World Famous Cities Are Too Costly Even For A Night

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Are you looking to go for a world tour? Then you must be knowing these world famous cities and what it really costs you to spend a night there.

The data has been collected from the UBS pricing and earning report-, where they determined the overall costs for two people in first-class hotel for an overnight stay.

The calculated package even includes two restaurant dinners along with a bottle of wine, taxi ride, a rental car, phone calls, letter postage and two public transport tickets.

Along with these calculated charges, an overnight stay in the world famous cities is shown below along with their pictures and the costs.

Manama, Bahrain: $720

World Famous Cities001

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