Famous Musicians Workspaces Will Show You How They Work On Music

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Famous musicians workspaces are a must see thing, if you wish to get an idea on how they work on music. Many of us always wonder how they make so delightful musics, some of us even may have thought about it as an easy job.

But actually it is way different from what we have thought. To get some idea on how they work on music, below are some pictures of famous musicians’ workspaces. Check them out and get some some idea about their musics.


famous musicians's workspaces001

Funny Expectation vs Reality Pics That Will Make You LOL

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We know how funny expectation vs reality pics looks like. In most scenario, what the picture shows is a true fact about many other and especially ourselves. When we get to see some really funny expectation vs reality pics that depicts out how we actually are, smile comes in our face.

We all do have various expectations about our dreams regarding various stuffs, but what the actual case, is that it turns out completely opposite to what we had expected. These pictures clearly shows that difference by comparing those expectation on one side and reality on other.

Funny expectation vs reality pics004

What These Miniature Therapy Horses Do Will Surely Make You Own One

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Miniature therapy horses are used by a non-profit organization named ‘Gentle Carousel Home’ for delivering a unique kind of therapy for those who suffers from traumatic experience.

This organization believes that this adorable animal could perform very powerful form of therapy that any human can’t and with this believe they had been curing over thousands of people who where victims of various kind of trauma.

The organization has been doing this service for the past 20 years. Anyway you can see all the images about how these miniature horses do their therapy in trauma patients.

Miniature therapy horses001

Brutally Honest Posters Show The Dark Side Of Technology Addiction (40 photos)

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Yearly Salaries For Some Of The World’s Most Dangerous Jobs Revealed (20 photos)

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