Famous Tourist Attractions That Holds Awful One-Star Reviews

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When you’re looking to visit some tourist places, what do you used to check about it? Off course, you will check for the details of the places you’re about to pay your visit, but along with that, you’ll also check for some honest reviews on the web, don’t you?

What if you get to see some awful review about some place you’re about to visit, will you waste your time with that place? Here are some famous tourist attractions that had got really bad reviews and people had underrated the places. These might come handy, when you’re on your run for next vacation.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Famous Tourist Attractions001

Shocking Video Shows Suspension Bridge Collapse As Hikers Pass Through Them (Video)

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As a hiker, you must be taking risks while exploring each and every crack on the earth. You must also be knowing every basic survival tips and tricks before attempting for any adventurous trips.

Video down below clearly shows you one among the dangerous things that might risk your life during hiking. It also shows how these hikers in New Zealand fell into shallow water due to the suspension bridge collapse.

Seeing These Rare And Unseen Pictures Of Mt. Everest Will Make You Breathless

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Ever visited the Mt. Everest, world’s highest mountain, which only the brave can climb? If the answer is no, then you might at least have seen many amazing photos of mount Everest, haven’t you?

But here are some rare and unseen pictures of Mt. Everest that you need to be checking out. They are so amazingly beautiful such that it will keep you breathless and you will keep coming back to see these pictures again and again.

Unseen Pictures Of Mt. Everest001

Scary Thing’s That Would Happen Without Oxygen (23 photos)

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Travel Destinations In Your Lifetime (35 photos)

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