Amazing Mongolian Landscape Photos Revealing The Climate Impact On Desertification

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Daesung Lee is the one who made this powerful photographs that reveals the real impact of climate on Mongolia. The snapshots that Lee captured shows a clear contrast of modern landscape with its historical.

The most interesting part here is, the beautiful billboards with the past landscapes are combined with actual people with their lifestock to match the billboard. Below are some amazing Mongolian landscape photos that shows how climate change had affected the beautiful landscapes. These snapshots will explain how the Mongolian people are threatened by this fearful environmental changes.

Amazing Mongolian Landscapes001

See How This Photographer Makes Food Designs That Resembles Remarkable Pits And Pyramids

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Sam Kaplan is the photographer behind this edible food designs, that resembles remarkable pits and pyramids. He mainly uses simple items like cookies, sandwiches, candies or even tea cakes that we usually get to see inside our local grocery store.

Kaplan rearranges these food stuffs to make beautiful looking shapes that are really eye catchy as well as mouth watering. The skill that he has in making fantastic designs using simple foods, is something noticeable. You can check out his mesmerizing works of food designs that he made for his ‘Pits and Pyramids’ series.

food designs001

This Biggest Luxurious Yacht Owned By A Russian Billionaire Will Shock You

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Andrey Melnichenko, a Russian biilionaire and businessman built a massive sailing yacht which have became one among the world’s biggest luxurious yacht. This yacht right here has even got an astonishing name as project White Pearl which is also called Sailing Yatch A.

The yacht being 468 feet long, carries 8 floors and this super-yacht is lot bigger in size than a football field. The yacht will also feature a glass cabin below the sea for the underwater observation. Also she will be coming out with lots of space by which she could accommodate 20 guests and a crew of 54.

The total amount that Melnichenko spent on this yacht is €400 million which is around £292 million. According to the official reports, the sea trials of the yacht will begin later this year.

biggest luxurious yacht002

Confusing Photographs That Will Give You A Headache In Understanding

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Have you ever seen any confusing photographs? If no, they are normal non-photoshopped photographs which are taken at right time in a different perspective. Only thing is that, these confusing photographs will give you shock at first glace, but when you spend little time to understand the image, you will break the ice.

The effort you take to break this ice will give you slight pain in your head, its because your mind is trying to focus these photographs in a different perspective. When you find the right perspective to look at these images, then you get to see the original photograph.

Confusing Photographs017

Surprisingly Amazing Photographic Illusions That Will Make You Look Twice Into The Same Picture

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Here are strange and amazing pictures showing how photographic illusions looks like. These images will make you look twice into the same picture until you break the mystery behind the illusion.

The easiest way to understand any photographic illusions is to look into the pictures in completely different perspective than we normally look into a picture. This can cause little pain on your head until you understand what the actual scene is.

Anyway these pictures below are some amazing photographic illusions to spend some time on.

Photographic illusions012 Image by: Michael Feistel

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