Car Windshield Destroyed By An Ice Sheet Flew From Another Car (Video)

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It doesn’t matter about the time or place, situation can change pretty hard anytime at anywhere. How often did you find yourself in some weird situations while you drive on the roads? There are times when most among us often face terrible situations while we’re on drive.

In this video you’ll see such a situation, where this guy Jeffrey Cote was driving down a highway when his car windshield destroyed by an ice sheet which flew from another SUV which was driving in front.

Funny Kissing Prank Parody Left This Poor Guy Empty Handed (Video)

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Meet Luke Donohue, who was trying to make a tribute to his favorite prankster, prankinvasion. For this, Luke planned an idea, which was asking strange girls for kiss challenge. But unfortunately he was left alone empty handed.

Watch this funny kissing prank parody where the Luke Donohue was not able to get a single kiss from any strangers that he asked for.

Creepy Unsolved Mysteries That Human Race Couldn’t Get Answers For

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Since before the earth has born, there were many happenings in the universe that we still are finding answers to. When we get answers, we make theories and conclusions out from it. ‘Big Bang Theory’ is one such example for that. But there are various things that human race couldn’t get answers for and we call them ‘unsolved mysteries’.

We know that here are many mysteries lying around the corners of the earth, some of them are really creepy. Although they were discovered back in the history, still they remain as mysteries since no scientific reasons were derived out from them. Here are some among those creepy unsolved mysteries, that human race were after it for decades.

Creepy Unsolved Mysteries001

Drunk Passenger Getting Pepper Sprayed By An Uber Driver (Video)

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It is usual for drunken passengers to get messed up with the drivers. Most of the Uber drivers hesitate to take such drunken passengers as they could get annoyed and drivers have to suffer a miserable day. Here is a dash cam video showing how a violent drunk passenger got pepper sprayer by the driver.

At first the driver didn’t gave much attention to the heavily intoxicated passenger and he asked for his destination, where the drunk passenger gave a vague answer, which the driver couldn’t understood clearly. So he taught to kick him out of his cab. It is when the bad guy got his violent senses back and started beating the poor uber driver. Later he pepper sprayed the passenger and called the police to arrest him.

Amazing Random Facts That Will Slightly Boost Your Knowledge

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Boosting your knowledge isn’t a hard job, give anything to your brain, it will swallow it. Knowing some random facts about various stuffs never make you lose anything, rather it will be handy at some part of your life. If you happen to have a conversation with any stranger, knowing these random facts might even be useful like adding oil in fire.

Moreover, it will make a good start for your day, feeding your brain with something useful. If you love adding some useful stuffs in your brain, then these amazing random facts will do the job.

Amazing Random Facts0001

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