Nerd Building RC Airplane From Heater Parts (Video)

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How often do you see nerds around you? Usually these guys are really capable of building things that normal guys couldn’t even think about. They could build just anything from scraps of other machines or things. Meet Sam Sheperd, who is one among such guys.

Here in this video you’ll see him building RC airplane from parts that he got from his electric wall heater when it broke down. Even though, it isn’t easy enough to try out such things as just saying, the video shows the complete effort that he took in building this RC airplane.

Coolest Kid Inventors And Their Amazing Inventions

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World might be still a place as the first man on earth saw back in past, if there were no inventions. Everything we see today, we enjoy are results of someone’s inventions. We know many famous inventors like Charles Babbage, Thomas Edison and various others who had a great role in our technological developments.

The above mentioned inventors where scientists and had years of experience and knowledge before they invented something. But here we are going to talk about the kid inventors who’ve invented various things at their younger age where they got few to no experience at all. It might be either coincidence or their extra ordinary skills, that let them invent these amazing inventions.

Kid Inventors001

You Never Knew These Incredibly Useful Functions That An iPhone Headset Could Do

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Technologies often can amaze us in many ways. There are always hidden features and functions for every technological stuffs that we dealt with everyday. Mostly we doesn’t know them until someday guide us to that treasure.

Today almost everyone around us owns iPhone, although the models vary, we all do have the same brand and same headphones too. Talking about iPhone headsets, there are some incredibly useful functions that you never knew about. Here we’re unveiling those stuffs to you to enjoy more out from it.

Incredibly Useful Things001

Awesome DIY Trick To Make Your Glove Work With Any Touchscreens

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One simple thing that irritates most of us in this winter season is that, our smartphone touchscreen never works when the gloves are on. Although many latest smartphone has this cool feature called ‘Glove mode’, many of the smartphones that are currently used doesn’t have this thing.

If you’re really frustrated and struck with this slight but huge problem, then here’s an awesome DIY trick to save you. This is a DIY gift from Household Hacker, and they’ll show you how you could easily find a solution for the problem you’re currently facing. With this hack, you need not remove your glove every time when you’re using a smartphone.

Meet Hacker George Hotz Who Built Self-Driving Car In His Garage

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If the world population is taken into consideration, we’ll get to see people who’re talented in many ways. In one way or another, every persons in the planet are capable of something. But there are many people who’re outstanding in doing what others can’t. Here we’re talking about one such talented hacker.

In this video you’ll meet hacker George Hotz, a 26-old tech-enthusiastic, who had recently build a self-driving car, all by himself. Since self-driving cars are really popular nowadays and as many large tech companies are already pushing out their-own cars, it is really fascinating to see a young like Hotz building such a popular piece of tech, all by his own talent.

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