Reaction Of 400 Rocket Scientists When They Succeeded Rocket Landing Mission (Video)

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These scientists are really happy. But just seeing their reaction without knowing the reason behind it would make you think they are crazy. They aren’t crazy, if you know the reason behind their happiest occasion, you’d too behaved the same way in that situation.

Very recently, Blue Origin started a project, by which they are aiming the rocket launch with people into the space and bringing back to the ground by reverse launching or landing the rocket. This rocket landing test was a big success. Watch the happiest reaction of these 400 rocket scientists, who worked behind this mission.

Beer Yoga Helps This Old Man Do Amazing Tricks (Video)

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Practicing yoga is a good thing to make your body flexible. You just need to command your body to do anything and the body will respond positively. Have you ever used any tricks in drinking beer? If you haven’t knowing at least few tricks will give you good number of audience, when inside a party or club.

Here in this video you’ll see an old man amazingly doing tricks with a glass full of beer. It can be called a beer yoga, since he is flexing his body too much to attain his ultimate goal.

Slow Motion Basketball Explosion When Overfilled With Air Compressor

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Pressure is everything behind bursting and exploding. Have you ever thought, how the balls explodes when we overfill the air inside it? You may have experienced the same thing in a balloon, but it is not the case with big balls, especially the basketball.

Here in this video, this guy is trying to explain, by showing us a slow motion basketball explosion. Here you’ll find out how the pressure could burst out a basketball completely.

Magical Light Switch That Turns On 50,000 Christmas Lights

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People of New York and really ready for the arrival of this year’s Christmas. Christmas being around the corner, most of us are preparing ourselves ready for it, both mentally as well as physically. Now here in this video, it shows an amazing prank, where a 7-foot tall giant light switch is placed in New York’s Father Demo Square.

The actual prank happens, when somebody walking down the street thinks to flip this magical light switch. With a 50,000 Christmas lights and a freezing mob with lights on their body is the next big surprising thing for those New Yorkers.

Epic Rifle Shot Tricks That Can Take Your Marksmanship To Next Level (Video)

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Did you ever know the fun-filled YouTube channel, Dude perfect? They reveals many tips and tricks for various outdoor games and sports. If you’ve been following them, then you shouldn’t miss their latest addition of this video.

Here in this cool video, the team explains us all about epic rifle shot tricks. Learning these tricks can even take your marksmanship to the next level.

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