Funny Driver Failed In Escaping Traffic Jam While Driving Offroad

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A guy who tried to be over smart by driving off road in order to escape the traffic jam, but failed. This is a video that every drivers who thinks they are smart, must be watching.

Everybody is tired with the never ending traffic jams, but driving off road to escape from traffic jam? How insane that must be. Well, in this video you will watch how a funny driver failed in escaping such a large traffic jam.

Woman’s Crazy Driving Hit The Police Car Twice And Flipped Over From The Ledge (Video)

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Accident videos are commonly seen on YouTube and there is no wonder in it. But here is an accident video happened due to woman’s crazy driving. Either she is out of her mind or has been drunk, either way she ended up miserably.

At first she was circling with her Ford Fusion at a busy intersection in Gasonia, North Carolina. But soon after the police car arrived, intentionally or as part of her crazy driving, twice she hit the police car. This is a must see video that had already gone viral all around the internet.

This Insane iPhone Case Has Gone Little Overboard But People Still Buys It

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People love their iPhone and this love makes them buy latest cases for it. However some people go further away from using cases for protection to adding up cases to stand out from the masses.

If you are one among such people, then most probably you will also be looking for unique phone cover out there in the market. But still there are people who overboard the purpose of outstanding among the mass.

Their intention is clear that, they doesn’t care about protection or about standing out from masses anymore, all they need is to look insane. Down below you could see one such insane iPhone case that will make you lose your mind.

Insane iPhone Case002

Pictures Showing Funny Tan Fails Of These Crazy People Will Make You Say WTF

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We know how ugly people can get when they pretends to be someone else. But how bad it can go or how it can be said a complete fail? This is clearly shown in these below funny images.

These funny tan fails of people with fake tan will make you laugh out loud. It is really funny to see how people looks like when they apply face tan. If you haven’t seen yet, then these photos worth looking at

Funny tan fails004

Seeing These Dangerous Selfies Ever Taken Will Surely Scare You To Death

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How well you know about selfie addiction? If you have got a mobile phone with pretty impressive front-facing camera, no need to say, half of your device memory might have been flooded with your own selfies.

Taking selfies have made so much addiction to people such that, they take selfies on every unique moment that they face in their life. No matter how dangerous the situation is, still they try to capture it for future references.

It is very sad to say that these kind of extreme behavior have also made lose many lifes around the world. Below you will see some of the dangerous selfies ever taken in the world.

dangerous selfies ever taken001

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