Salary Information Of Professions That Can Earn More Than A Teacher’s Salary In USA

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It is understandable that different professions gives different salaries. According to the type of profession, you earn either more or less. It depends on risks involved in the particular job, duration of job and more importantly the type of firm one is working in.

Do you have any idea how much a teacher earns in USA? The average salary of a teacher in USA is 45,000 $ a year. However there are more professions where you could earn more than what a teacher in USA earns. Check out these salary information of professions across the world.

Submarine Cook (In Austrailia): $50-187k

Salary Information Of Professions001

Funny Driver Failed In Escaping Traffic Jam While Driving Offroad

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A guy who tried to be over smart by driving off road in order to escape the traffic jam, but failed. This is a video that every drivers who thinks they are smart, must be watching.

Everybody is tired with the never ending traffic jams, but driving off road to escape from traffic jam? How insane that must be. Well, in this video you will watch how a funny driver failed in escaping such a large traffic jam.

You Should Be Seeing These Japanese Love Hotels That Creates Over 30 billion Dollars each year

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Japanese love hotels are short-stay accommodation, which can be rented on hour basis. As a whole, the country has more than 37,000 love hotels and they together generates nearly 30 billion dollars each year.

According to an estimated calculation, nearly 1.4 million people visit these hotels in different part of the country each day. The interesting part of this love hotel is the unique themed rooms such as space ships, class rooms, dungeons etc. With mood lighting and other interior decorations, love hotels in Japan delivers luxurious facilities at its most.

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This Hilarious Egg Balancing Prank Done On A Work Mate By His Friend Will Make You LOL

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There are many sorts of prank videos out there on YouTube. Pranks are always funny to watch and on every minute there are various types of pranks done on somebody in someplace and getting uploaded to YouTube.

Here is a hilarious egg balancing prank, where a bunch of friends asked their work mate to balance the egg on his head. He doesn’t knew it was all part of a hilarious prank until the last minute.

These Before And After Home Renovation Pictures Will Surely Surprise You

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It is quite common to remodel homes that are too old. But when coming to home renovation, every owners used to put their money to build the best home they can. This makes the house even more outstanding when compared to the old design.

If you are short on home renovation ideas, then these pictures below will show you, how people out there remodel their homes with excellent ideas on their mind. See these before and after home renovation pictures, that will give you a clear idea.

Home Renovation002 Home Renovation001

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