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Funny Cartoons That Show That Smartphones Are Taking Over the World (27 photos)

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Old Things – That Are Still In A Working Condition (10 Photos)

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As this modern world technology is changing, developing and also improving. Modern World is A World Which is Full of Modern Technology. But sometimes this doesnt works out. There are still some old devices that are still in effect and in proper working conditions. Even though that thing has become outdated from many generations of their descendants, the Grandparents are still Viable. Sometimes Old things are very much reliable and effective than the most modern invention. That is why people always say that ” Old is Gold Which is Never to be Sold”.
Old Things- That are Still in a Working Condition (10 Photos)

Another Creative Invention From Japan? – Video

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Looks cute but creative invention toy straight from japan. “Takara Tomy (japanese company name) have come up with a great way to enjoy fresh fruit juice straight from the fruit itself. Just take the Gurefuru Chuchu (the toy/gadget name), use the “leaf” to open up a little hole and then insert the main character themed part (“Mr. Gurefuru”) into the top of the fruit. Twist him round lots of times for around one minute to churn up all the insides of the fruit and then take him out again. Now just use a conventional straw slurp up (“chuchu”) the delicious and refreshing juice you’ve created!” interesting? :D, at least good to use instead of having lots of fast food.

Phibian the Truck that transforms into a boat (8 photos + 1 video)

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