Crushing A Nokia 3310 With A Hydraulic Press (Video)

Will the most robust mobile device Nokia 3310 of all time survive the hydraulic press? Of course not. And...

Give Your Brain The Gift Of Knowledge By Learning These Fun Facts (18 Photos)

Treat your brain right, give it the gift of knowledge by learning these fun facts.

Liquid Nitrogen vs. Makeup (Video)

Yes, this whole liquid nitrogen thing is trending a lot recently. Even beauty vlogger seem to get around it...

Best Fails Of The First Week In 2017 (Video)

Of course also in 2017 Fail Army will present us all the moments of fail they can get. Starting...

Canadian Christmas Driveway Ice Hysterics (Video)

Caroline Charter witnessed and uploaded this very funny encounter between old people lacking balance and slippery ice. [youtube]

Man Rescues Finch Frozen To Fence With His Breath (Video)

Oh, that poor little fella! Nelson Wilson rescued the little bird after it got frozen to a fence. [youtube]


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