Autistic girl with DiGeorge Syndrome memorized Coppelia Ballet.. Amazing


By Owner’s Words: We knew Clara loved the Coppelia ballet, but little did we know she memorized the whole thing! She performed this solely from memory!

This is just a small snippet of her dancing to it. We would see her doing some ballet moves around the house thinking it was ballet moves she learnt in ballet class, till one day someone decided to whip out a computer and compare her moves to that of the Coppelia ballerina, and, VOILA, we realized she memorized it, and can dance it!

Clara has been diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome and Autism. She spent her first 16 months in hospital, has gone through multiple surgeries since she was two weeks due to the complications with her syndrome. Before she was two, we noticed that she had difficulty connecting with people, was in a world of her own, and two years later she was also diagnosed with autism. Clara also had a lot of physical complications, and could not walk till she was four. She never spoke until she was six.

However Clara thrived in the Intensive Multi Treatment Intervention program (see and, based in Toronto, and has blossomed into a lively dancing queen who always loves an audience!!!

Never underestimate your child’s potential! Doctors told us when she was born to forget about her – we could just have another baby…

It takes more than a village to raise a special needs child. For more information on Clara Bergs,her journey, and opportunities to provide support, see