Living In These World Famous Cities Are Too Costly Even For A Night


Are you looking to go for a world tour? Then you must be knowing these world famous cities and what it really costs you to spend a night there.

The data has been collected from the UBS pricing and earning report-, where they determined the overall costs for two people in first-class hotel for an overnight stay.

The calculated package even includes two restaurant dinners along with a bottle of wine, taxi ride, a rental car, phone calls, letter postage and two public transport tickets.

Along with these calculated charges, an overnight stay in the world famous cities is shown below along with their pictures and the costs.

Manama, Bahrain: $720

World Famous Cities001

Doha, Qatar: $740

World Famous Cities002

London, England: $750

World Famous Cities003

Miami, Florida: $780

World Famous Cities004

Copenhagen, Denmark: $780

World Famous Cities005

Dubai: $790

World Famous Cities006

Helsinki, Finland: $800

World Famous Cities007

Taipei, Taiwan: $820

World Famous Cities008

Munich, Germany: $830

World Famous Cities009

Paris, France: $890

World Famous Cities010

Oslo, Norway: $980

World Famous Cities011

Tokyo: $1,000

World Famous Cities012

Geneva: $1,020

World Famous Cities013

New York City: $1,030

World Famous Cities014

Zurich: $1,050

World Famous Cities015