Amazing Psychedelic Portraits Created By This Young Artist Will Blow Your Mind Off


Today artists are becoming more popular with the help of social media and internet. Even there is competition among them to prove who is better in the field. Thus many artists out there are coming up with unique and mind blowing stuff.

One such artist and his works are given below. This time it is Richard Lauth an engineer, who came up with awesome art portrait. With his imaginative power and TIG welding technique, he depicts out amazing psychedelic portraits that are just enough to blow your minds off.

The TIG welding technology that he uses for making portrait, involves delivering current to the welding site utilizing tungsten electrode and with the help of a gas the puddle thus forms is being cooled. However for this particular technique, one must have highest amount of skills.

You can see some among those beautiful works of Lauth from below pictures, for more you may visit his Esty Shop.

Amazing psychedelic portraits001

Amazing psychedelic portraits002

Amazing psychedelic portraits003

Amazing psychedelic portraits004

Amazing psychedelic portraits005

Amazing psychedelic portraits006

Amazing psychedelic portraits007

Amazing psychedelic portraits008

Amazing psychedelic portraits009