Unbelievable Look Alike Celebs Will Make You Think They Are Of Same Genes


You may have came across many look alike celebs and you may often get confused who is who while watching a movie. If both the look alike celebs acted in one film, then no doubt you will be confused to death.

These celebs who resembles in the look of each other will even make you think, they might be children of former famous celebs.

Here are some of the famous celebs who are looking alike with a famous other celeb who may be still working in films or might be retired old celebs.

Jennifer Lawrence/Helen Mirren

look alike celebs001

Harry Styles/Mick Jagger

look alike celebs002

Patrick Wilson/Paul Newman

look alike celebs003

Charlie Hunnam/Brad Pitt

look alike celebs004

Gabriel Mann/James Spader

look alike celebs005

Margot Robbie/Grace Kelly

look alike celebs006

Beyonce/Nichelle Nichols

look alike celebs007

Halle Berry/Dorothy Dandrige

look alike celebs008

Ian Somerhalder/Rob Lowe

look alike celebs009

Miles Teller/Elvis Presley

look alike celebs010

Robbie Amell/Tom Cruise

look alike celebs011

Zac Efron/Glenn Ford

look alike celebs012

Aml Ameen/Will Smith

look alike celebs013

Natalie Dormer/Diana Rigg

look alike celebs014

Ansel Elgort/Marlon Brando

look alike celebs015