You Have Never Seen The World Longest Fingernails In This Indian Man Earning Guinness World Record


How crazy is to grow finger nails since 1952? Yes, it is true that this Indian man holding Guinness world record for having longest fingernails haven’t cut his finger nails since 1952.

You can find the pictures of this 78 year old Indian man named Shridhar Chillal with world longest fingernails on one hand. He admits that he hasn’t cut his fingernails even for once and started growing them when he was 16 years old.

You can also find him holding the Guinness world record for the title ‘Longest Fingernails On A Single Hand Ever’. Chillal features with his longest fingernails measuring around 2 meters in 2016 edition of Guinness world records book.

world longest fingernails001

world longest fingernails002

world longest fingernails003