How these Ace Ventura Casts looks like after 22 Years Will Surely surprise You


Were you the one among those who got chance to see the famous film “Ace Venture: Pet Detective” on its initial release? Then you might be knowing how many years have been passed since the film has got released. But have you ever thought about how the casts might have changed in their look after these long 22 years? Then you might be interested in seeing these picture of them.

Everyone changes in their look when a long 22 years will pass. But the case is not the same with these Ace Ventura casts, because they were familiar to people with their old faces. Below are the before and after pictures of the popular Ace Ventura casts and it will give you pretty good idea about how these actors have got changed.

Jim Carrey

Ace Ventura Casts002

Courteney Cox

Ace Ventura Casts001

Sean Young

Ace Ventura Casts003

Tone Loc

Ace Ventura Casts004

Dan Marino

Ace Ventura Casts005

Udo Kier

Ace Ventura Casts006