These Amazing Guitars From Skateboards By This Talented Student Will Surprise You


There is a need of skillful hands to turn the old recyclable things into useful materials. This is what Nick Pourfard, an industrial design student in San Francisco, did with the old broken skateboards.

He collected many wooden skateboards that are either useless or damaged and with his impressive skills, he turned them out into cool hand-made guitars. The images to the same are given below. At the end of the post, you will be able to watch a video on how this talented guy made amazing guitars from skateboards.

Guitars From Skateboards001

Guitars From Skateboards002

Guitars From Skateboards003

Guitars From Skateboards004

Guitars From Skateboards005

Guitars From Skateboards006

Guitars From Skateboards007

Guitars From Skateboards008

Guitars From Skateboards009

Guitars From Skateboards010

Guitars From Skateboards011

Guitars From Skateboards012

Guitars From Skateboards013

Guitars From Skateboards014