These Awesome Pattern Jewelries From Colored Pencil Will Give You Some DIY Jewelry Ideas


World is filled with women who are hungry for new jewelry designs. No matter, how much they get fed with jewelry, but still they will have never ending desire for jewelries. By knowing this, Anna Čurlejová, a jewelry designer based on Czech Republic, made some awesome pattern jewelries to add up some heat to the burning desire of women.

Her skillful art work, turned a set of colored pencil to useful jewelries like earrings, necklaces, brooches and more. The colorful layers were added to this artwork by mixing various parts of the colored pencil to create a beautiful honeycomb-like pattern, that anyone will love to look at.

Pattern Jewelries001

Pattern Jewelries002

Pattern Jewelries003

Pattern Jewelries004

Pattern Jewelries005

Pattern Jewelries006

Pattern Jewelries007

Pattern Jewelries008

Pattern Jewelries009

Pattern Jewelries010