These Images Of Megadrive Megatron Transformer Will Leave Every Sega Fans Jaw-Dropped


Have you ever been a Sega fan? If you were, then you must be knowing all about the ever famous game console, Sega Megadrive. But years had passed and now Sega had launched new toy form of megadrive, where it can do a shocking transformation from megadrive to megatron.

If you haven’t seen the megadrive megatron transformer, then have a look at these images below. It will clear all the queries you had on this toy and will make every Sega fans jaw-dropped.

Megadrive Megatron001

Megadrive Megatron002

Megadrive Megatron003

Megadrive Megatron004

Megadrive Megatron005

Megadrive Megatron006

Megadrive Megatron007

Megadrive Megatron008

Megadrive Megatron009