Bus Driver Smased A Rowdy Passenger With Hard Punches (Video)


How will you react if somebody is blowing punch after punch on your face without any reason? Will you ignore him or throw him away or unleash the super fury into his face more than what he gave you? Of course you’ll do the last one. This is what this awesome bus driver did with his bully passenger.

The video shows a guy, most probably the passenger within the bus, arguing with the bus driver for the reasons unknown. After the arguments got stronger, the rowdy passenger gave 3-4 hard punches on the poor bus driver’s face.

When the driver realized that he is being treated unjustly, driver stood up from the seat to unleash the power resided within him and thrown the passenger out of the bus and gave one last punch to his face. See the complete video below to see how the bus driver smashed the rowdy passenger.