Owning This World’s Best Razor Will Cost You $300


If you see a guy buying a razor for $300, what will you call him? Crazy, mad, insane? But here is razor from a company called OneBlade, that will charge you $300 for a razor. They aren’t simply charging you this price without offering anything in return, they have tons of features to offer you, that’ll surely worth your $300.

First of all, the company is offering life time guarantee for the razor you are paying for. Moreover this razor will be will high grade German stainless steel along with military grade PVD coating for excellent corrosion resistance. Other features also includes Teflon coated springs, Platinum coated feather blade from Japan, +/- 0.05 mm machined tolerance and most importantly the razor is hand polished. What more do you need in this world’s best razor?

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