Google OnHub To Be The Best Wireless Router Of 2015


Ever since Google has been into smartphones, it is dragging down futuristic technologies on to our hands. Google OnHub is one such product, which is selected as the 2015’s best Wi-Fi router. Two new devices has been launched under OnHub, both from different manufactures though.

An ASUS-made router priced at $219.99 and a TP-Link Router at $199.99. Although there is only small difference in their prices, the ASUS provides slightly better specs and some additional features that includes controlling the wi-fi speed to a particular device by just waving your hand above it. For more info on these amazing wireless routers, visit the official site.

Google OnHub 0

Google OnHub 000001

Google OnHub 1

Google OnHub 2

Google OnHub 00001

Google OnHub 0001

Google OnHub 3

Google OnHub 0002

Google OnHub 4

Google OnHub