Microscopic Views Of Everyday Objects That Looks Completely Different


You might have seen through microscope from your biology class during your lower grades, haven’t you? But all you could see through it was, some useless things like plant cells, chlorophyll etc.

However here are some rare microscopic views of the objects that we use in our everyday life. But it’ll be hard for you to recognize, because the views are extremely different from what we see with out naked eyes.


Microscopic Views001

White sugar

Microscopic Views002

Fine salt

Microscopic Views003


Microscopic Views004

Ground black pepper

Microscopic Views005

Coffee grounds

Microscopic Views006


Microscopic Views007

Ballpoint pen

Microscopic Views008

Printed paper

Microscopic Views009

A staple in some paper

Microscopic Views010

A grain of pollen

Microscopic Views011

Pollen caught in fabric

Microscopic Views012

Needle and thread

Microscopic Views013

The edge of a razor blade

Microscopic Views014

A moustache hair

Microscopic Views015

Lots of moustache hairs

Microscopic Views016

The surface of an old copper penny

Microscopic Views017

A fruit fly

Microscopic Views018

More of a fruit fly

Microscopic Views019

A cloth

Microscopic Views020

The surface of a ball bearing

Microscopic Views021

The sticky bit of a post-it note

Microscopic Views022


Microscopic Views023