Amazing Rinser Toothbrush With Rinsing Fountain


This amazing rinser toothbrush is the proof that, even our smallest daily tasks have been influenced by technologies. Rinser toothbrush is not a normal brush although it looks so, rather it is designed in such a way that it holds a built-in scoop for creating rinsing fountain.

The rinsing fountain which was created due to the pushing effect of the scoop, can be used to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth. Moreover, the fountain is controlled by an attached button down the scoop, which will only allow the fountain when you need to. This amazing toothbrush designed by Amron Experimental also features detachable heads, where you can replace the old one with a new without throwing off the wand.

Rinser Toothbrush 01

Rinser Toothbrush 1

Rinser Toothbrush 2

Rinser Toothbrush 3

Rinser Toothbrush 4