How Simpsons Characters Looked Back In The First Episode And Now


If you still remember the Simpsons characters from the time they released their first episode, then you know how much the characters in it have changed. Simpsons’ original release of the first season was on December 17 1989 with 13 episodes which altogether completed on May 13 1990.

If you still can’t remember those old episodes from Simpsons, then you have to checkout these images which will clearly show how Simpsons characters has changed today from what they looked like, back in those days.

Simpsons Characters0001

Simpsons Characters001

Simpsons Characters003

Simpsons Characters004

Simpsons Characters005

Simpsons Characters006

Simpsons Characters007

Simpsons Characters008

Simpsons Characters009

Simpsons Characters010

Simpsons Characters011

Simpsons Characters012

Simpsons Characters013

Simpsons Characters014

Simpsons Characters015

Simpsons Characters016

Simpsons Characters017

Simpsons Characters018

Simpsons Characters019

Simpsons Characters020

Simpsons Characters021

Simpsons Characters022

Simpsons Characters023

Simpsons Characters024

Simpsons Characters025

Simpsons Characters026

Simpsons Characters027

Simpsons Characters028

Simpsons Characters029

Simpsons Characters030

Simpsons Characters031

Simpsons Characters032

Simpsons Characters033

Simpsons Characters034

Simpsons Characters035

Simpsons Characters036