Funny Old man Searches Thinking Twitter Could Search Things On Google


Some old people really gets confused with Twitter and thinking it as another platform to search for things just like Google, they tweets their searches letting the whole world know what they’re searching for. How hilarious it might be? Here is a funny guy Norman N, who is teaching his 83 year old dad, how to use internet. And he knowingly told him to search things on Twitter, as it would work just as Google does.

What the end results were really funny. His dad started tweeting things from the next day and made the whole world know what he’s searching for. Checkout these funny old man searches on Twitter thinking it would bring out Google search results.

Old man Searches001

Old man Searches002

Old man Searches003

Old man Searches004

Old man Searches005

Old man Searches006

Old man Searches007

Old man Searches008

Old man Searches009

Old man Searches010

Old man Searches011

Old man Searches012

Old man Searches013

Old man Searches014

Old man Searches015

Old man Searches016

Old man Searches017

Old man Searches018

Old man Searches019

Old man Searches020

Old man Searches021