Casts Of Titanic Then And Now Pictures That Will Surely Amaze You


We are living today at the end of the year 2015. But still we remember the first Titanic movie which was released back in 1997. Many of us even had watched the movie numerous times. We know almost every cast played on that movie.

But how these casts looks like today, have you ever thought of that? Even 18 years have passed, these casts of Titanic hadn’t changed much. See these now and then pictures of them, which can surely amaze you.

Casts Of Titanic001

Casts Of Titanic002

Casts Of Titanic003

Casts Of Titanic004

Casts Of Titanic005

Casts Of Titanic006

Casts Of Titanic007

Casts Of Titanic008

Casts Of Titanic009

Casts Of Titanic010

Casts Of Titanic011