Amazing Names For Everyday Things That We Don’t Usually Use


There are numerous things on our planet that we either deal with or see everyday. You can hardly say names of most of those things. Even though most of them have got their own names, we don’t usually use it either due to lack of knowing or the real names are just ridiculous.

Either way, you must be knowing that each of the things that we see or deal with, has its own name. Here are some names for everyday things that are amazing but we don’t use it often.

Aglet: the plastic coating on a shoelace.

Names of Everyday Things001

Glabella: the space between your eyebrows.

Names of Everyday Things002

Natiform: something that resembles a butt.

Names of Everyday Things003

Cornicione: the outer part of the crust on a pizza.

Names of Everyday Things004

Ferrule: the metal part at the end of a pencil.

Names of Everyday Things005

Punt: the bottom of a wine bottle.

Names of Everyday Things006

Lemniscate: the infinity symbol.

Names of Everyday Things007

Desire path: a path created by natural means, simply because it is the “shortest or most easily navigated” way.

Names of Everyday Things008

Griffonage: unreadable handwriting.

Names of Everyday Things009

Philtrum: the groove located just below the nose and above the middle of the lips.

Names of Everyday Things010

Crepuscular rays: rays of sunlight coming from a certain point in the sky. AKA what your aunt might have called “God’s rays.”

Names of Everyday Things011

Ideolocator: a “you are here” sign.

Names of Everyday Things012

Phloem bundles: those long stringy things you see when peeling a banana.

Names of Everyday Things013

Gynecomastia: man-boobs.

Names of Everyday Things014