Amazing Pictures Of Rare Historical Moments That Will Surely Surprise You


Historical events and their pictures are always amazing. You won’t get to see many historical pictures, since they’re so rare. But today we live in a modern era were there’s no scarcity in storing photos for later use or remembrance.

If you look back into history you’ll see some amazing historical moments that always needed to be recorded, but since photography was rarely available at that time, many such events were recorded only in books. But here are some rare historical moments that you’ll definitely love to see.

Senator John F. Kennedy campaigning in the Bronx, New York, October 1960

Rare Historical Moments001

Protesters, Ireland’s ‘Bloody Sunday’. January 30th 1972

Rare Historical Moments002

Soldiers celebrate the outbreak of peace at the end of the second World War. 1945

Rare Historical Moments003

Norwich City council’s computer gets delivered, 1957

Rare Historical Moments004

Diving into the Thames, London, 1934

Rare Historical Moments005

Two man stand in front of a Coca-Cola delivery truck, 1910

Rare Historical Moments006

Disneyland opening day, 1955

Rare Historical Moments007

Flood waters from the Los Angeles River destroy Southern Pacific railroad bridge. March 2, 1938

Rare Historical Moments008

Soldiers from both sides pose for a picture during the impromptu Christmas truce of WW1 on Dec. 24, 1914

Rare Historical Moments009

Muhammad Ali taunts Joe Frazier before their first bout the ‘Fight Of The Century’

Rare Historical Moments009

4 children for sale. Chicago, 1948

Rare Historical Moments010

St. Paul’s cathedral inLondon during the German bombing campaign. December 29th, 1940

Rare Historical Moments011

Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger on a train at Euston Station on their way to Bangor. 5th August, 1967

Rare Historical Moments012

Apollo 16 crew. January 12th, 1972

Rare Historical Moments013

1980 winter Olympics opening ceremony during the height of the Cold War

Rare Historical Moments014

Car carries looted furniture on its roof during the LA riots of 1992

Rare Historical Moments015

Mother Theresa, aged 18. 1928

Rare Historical Moments016

Gerald Ford and his golden retriever Liberty in the Oval Office. 7 November 1974

Rare Historical Moments017

Lenin and Stalin at Gorki, just outside Moscow. September 1922

Rare Historical Moments018

Holiday makers enjoy a day at Bondi beach. 1900

Rare Historical Moments019

An English girl comforts her doll in the rubble of her bomb-damaged home. 1940

Rare Historical Moments020

The Tasman Bridge Disaster, Hobart, Tasmania. January 5th, 1975

Rare Historical Moments021