Gorgeous Photographs Showing Duality Of life above and below water


There are pictures that shows us beautiful landscapes, buildings and other nature’s beauty. And we’ve also seen gorgeous pictures of life under water. But have you ever seen duality of life above and below the water? If not then these stunning pictures will definitely blow your minds off.

Over/under water split shots are always awesome, as you can see what is above the water simultaneously when you see what’s beneath it. See these gorgeous photographs and if you’re watching it for the first time, then you’re probably gonna be fascinated.

Gorgeous Photographs001

Gorgeous Photographs002

Gorgeous Photographs004

Gorgeous Photographs005

Gorgeous Photographs007

Gorgeous Photographs008

Gorgeous Photographs010

Gorgeous Photographs012

Gorgeous Photographs013

Gorgeous Photographs014

Gorgeous Photographs015

Gorgeous Photographs016

Gorgeous Photographs019

Gorgeous Photographs021

Gorgeous Photographs022

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Gorgeous Photographs024

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