The Relaunch of Nokia 3310 after 17 Years, Are You Willing to Buy?


Nokia and Titanic have the same story and share the similar fate: Both were giants in their respective fields and because they were driven in the wrong direction, eventually Titanic sunk into the ocean and Nokia fell onto its knees as it failed to compete with the emerging advanced high-tech mobile market. However, the smart team of Nokia is trying hard to breathe life into Nokia Company, which was once ruling the mobile world.

Nokia’s reign in the mobile world began 17 years ago when they launched the legendary Nokia 3310 into the market and that phone transformed the entire mobile phone industry. And now Nokia is planning to repeat the same magic with the same phone by re-launching it during the Mobile World Congress on February 26th. The news has been uncovered by Evan Blass. The phone will cost you €59 (around $62). Among other Nokia’s new smartphones, the relaunch of Nokia 3310 will be in the limelight.

You may expect to see some changes in the new avatar of Nokia 3310. Almost two decades ago, this phone was everyone’s favorite. Even now it is famous, but only in memes and that too for good reason—because of its durability and long battery life. Now as the entire market has shifted to the touchscreen, it would be exciting to see how customers will response to this legendary phone. Are you ready to buy Nokia 3310 again?