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iPhone 7 vs World’s Strongest Acid (Video)


TechRax had a very interesting idea, why don’t iPhone 7 tested with the strong acid, oh it sounds pretty interesting and weird idea. I know you will never put your iPhone in that weird condition. What do you think, will iPhone 7 survive the test, are you eager to see the results?

Stephen Colbert’s Thanksgiving Turkey Tips (Video)


When the turkey speaks the side dishes shut up. Late Show host Stephen Colbert paid Butterball a visit to help with the Thanksgiving preparations. And we all can learn a lot from his mistakes…

28 Awkward Thanksgiving Fails That Will Crack You Up


If you think your Thanksgiving was awkward, you might want to think again after looking at these thanksgiving fails.


Two Drunk Teams Play Football Against Each Other (Video)


No, not “American Football” but the real deal, the classic English Football (some may know it by “soccer” in your region). But whatever you may call ist – you all know the meaning of “drunk”. These Norwegians here are no paragons and strictly NOT behaving in a good manner with and around alcohol. But they play football in a funny manner – so they got over a million views on this.

Just A Reminder Of How This Black Friday Is Going To Happen (22 Photos)


Retailers are spreading out the deals, and proving to consumers there are more days to shop than Black Friday. Some of the most noteworthy bargains can be seen as early as a week before Thanksgiving.

Amazon has repeatedly run its deals all week long, and Best Buy typically has its Early Access sale for Elite and Elite Plus members the Monday of Thanksgiving week. (However, the best sales and deals for the week tend to start on Wednesday or Thanksgiving day itself.)


How to Pick a Padlock (Video)


The Crazy Russian Hacker makes the world a lot unsafer by showing over a million people how to pick a padlock. But maybe you lost the key to the little metal box with all the nostalgia in it and want to open the lock…?

The World’s Tallest Cow (Video)


Meet Danniel, the giant bovine whose proud owners believe is the world’s tallest cow. The huge Holstein steer measures a staggering 6 foot 4 inches tall and weighs a whopping 2300 pounds. Danniel eats 100 pounds of hay, 15 pounds of grain, drinks 100 gallons of water, and produces 150 pounds of droppings – every day. Danniel’s owners have now had him measured for Guinness World Records in an attempt to have him officially recognized as the world’s tallest steer.

Slow-Motion Bullets vs Propeller (Video)


One of the greatest technological achievements of the First World War was the gun synchronizer. It allowed for the mounting of guns firing through the airplane’s propeller, turning the entire machine into a weapons platform. The Slo Mo Guys built a mockup of a WWI fighter aircraft and filmed the operation of the synchronization gear at over 120,000 frames per second.

Biggest Crashing Waves Ever Filmed?! (Video)


A selection of the biggest waves shot as typhoon Megi slammed into Taiwan – the biggest crashing waves ever caught on camera?!

Dad Tries To Copy Daughter’s Gymnastic Moves (Video)


41-year-old Ash Mills wants to keep up with the sportiness of his offspring Alex. But the 9-year-old seems to be a little more flexible than him… But to be honest: I wouldn’t have expected him to turn out quite well on some of these gymnastic tasks…