Impressive Behind The Scenes Photography Tricks Revealed (27 Photos)

These pictures are impressive that's for sure, but behind the camera is where the true magic happened.

7 Amazing Optical Illusions (Video)

Quirkology put together another round of interesting and inspiring optical illusions that already gathered over 170,000 views on YouTube. [youtube...

Flight Attendants Reveal The Craziest Things They’ve Ever Seen On A Plane (13 Photos)

Being a flight attendant has its perks. You get to travel the world and go to exotic locations. But...

Cat Mumbles To Himself While Hunting Birds (Video)

Cat Mumbles To Himself While Hunting Birds (Video) [youtube]

Korean truck driver has some serious driving skills (Video)

This Korean truck had to slam on the breaks for whatever reason, but somehow the driver managed to not...

Things That Movies Teach Us (17 Photos)

Things that movies teach us

Little Kid tries to sneak up a Cow Doesn’t end so well (Video)

This is good parenting right here. Promising your kid $20 if it jumps on the back of a cow...

Runner Blatantly Robbed of Victory by Rogue Pole Vault Bar (Video)

Aengus Meldon looked odds-on for victory at universities meet in Ireland before he was hobbled by a truly bizarre...


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